Back from Maui

27th May 2015
Maui Travels

Just returned from 9 days on Maui. Never had been there before, but was interested to see how it compared to Kauai and the Big Island which I visited in 2007. The weather was fantastic and getting around didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. Lots of pretty sunsets and stunning beaches. The beaches on the West coast and Southern coast were pretty busy, but that is paradise for you. Didn't get to the Hana coast for this trip but maybe down the road. Made it up to Haleakala for sunrise twice, with the first visit being the most impressive. Despite the interesting hiking terrain and gorgeous sunsets, the trip highlight was swimming / snorkeling with turtles on most days. Just a unique and intimate experience to be in their world on their terms. No great pics from a crappy little underwater camera, but the sites are still ingrained in my mind. I had similar experiences snorkeling in Kauai. Enjoy images from the Valley Isle in the Maui Gallery.